Johnny's deBris


Johnny's deBris

Here you can download some of the stuff I make when I'm not at work, some Python scripts (mainly Zope) and some JavaScript, all free or open-source software. I hope you find it useful, if not, or if you have questions, let me know.

Vim step debugger for Python

Useful only to a limited subset of obscure editor users: a simple step debugger for debugging Python scripts in Vim. It uses if_python (the Vim Python module) and I think it works quite well with Vim 6.2 and Python 2.2/2.3, other versions may work as well (not guaranteed though).
The code is BSD licensed and contains a module from Holger Krekel and Armin Rigo.

Local User Manager (Zope product)

This is a Zope object that can be used as sort of a proxy for acl_users objects, it can be placed somewhere in the Zope tree and it will use a proxied acl_users to get login names, but you can define roles locally, thus allowing e.g. manager definitions for users defined as plain, role-less users on the root acl_users.

PT Profiler (Zope product)

A nice, small, low-impact profiler for page templates, it will monkeypatch the page template machinery in Zope and time each individual TAL expression, showing a list of expressions (ordered by duration) so one can locate optimization targets.

JavaScript libraries and scripts

Some JavaScripts I wrote, if you're a JavaScript hacker yourself you may find some useful tools and scripts here.

Silva Blogging Tool
(Silva product)

A simple blogging tool for Silva, uses a BTreeFolder to store objects so it's pretty scalable and allows you to write log messages to a blog that others can read and comment upon.

NOTE: this product is not usable yet, and it's not certain it will be maintained... Might provide some useful code snippets, though.

Work in progress...

If you want to know what I'm currently cooking up, check out this page.

By the way, if you could use a nice JavaScript WYSIWYG editor, be sure to check out Kupu!

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