Johnny's deBris

What is this?

This is my personal website. I'm Guido Wesdorp (aka 'Johnny deBris'), and I use this site to display and distribute some of the work I do in my spare time. This work consists of Python and JavaScript code, as I'm a code monkey by profession and hobby...

Where is that code then?

Projects available on this site:

  • Pydirs - a small, easy-to-understand pure-Python object database with a small, easy-to-understand storage format
  • Templess - a very simple Python XML templating language, also see the Templess trac instance
  • Some JavaScript libraries, for instance a WebDAV lib, (better) DOM support for IE and non-DOM JS interpreters and i18n support for JS.

Projects available on other sites/Trac instances only:

For projects that I worked on but haven't yet released (and those that I will not release, for various reasons), see my projects directory . If you're interested in something in there (or just have general questions), send me a mail .

More about me

I'm a Python (and sometimes JS) developer, currently self-employed (see Pragmagik's website for details). I have a very nice son (no pictures yet) and wife (who makes paintings for fun and profit), and am a huge fan of Indian cooking (on which I spend most of my spare time, as far as any is left after the programming ;)...