Templess is an XML-based templating system for XML and HTML. The main advantage (depending on your taste, I guess ;) is that it's very simple: it currently has only 5 directives (''content'', ''replace'', ''cond'', ''not'' and ''attr'') and does not allow any logic inside the page. Everything (attribute preparation, macro handling, etc.) has to be done from code, which makes that using Templess guarantees clean templates, and a proper seperation of logic and presentation (although generally you will want an additional layer to handle 'presentation logic', things like which class should things have and such).

Templess is released under a BSD-style ('open source') license.


Version Filename Size Date
0.1 templess-0.1.tar.gz 9643 2005-09-05
0.2 b1 templess-0.2b1.tar.gz 50391 2006-09-19
0.2 templess-0.2.tar.gz 52142 2006-10-06
0.3 templess-0.3.tar.gz 61070 2007-12-15

More information

For more information, see the Trac instance I set up, or email me (johnny at johnnydebris dot net).

Release information

Templess 0.1 to 0.2 change list

There is no full list of changes between the 0.1 and 0.2 versions of Templess, but here is a short summary:

* a lot of small bugfixes in rendering, most notably the behaviour is now
  stable and tested a lot better

* added a 'not' directive to negate 'cond', this makes that the context dict
  doesn't have to contain duplicate (but negated) information

* moved away from using lxml, because of the installation and maintenance
  burden (although additionally some behaviour became clearer, the .tail
  property in etree is really quite strange...)

* some public API changes and cleanups (see documentation in Trac for a